Thursday, August 19, 2010

YouTube Video- Trigun finale- Goodbye

This video seemed appropriate!

Quick Form lesson

So I haven't finish my scene yet.... actually I haven't started on it yet and I probably wont get around to it. I know you're all probably thinking "get off the computer then and start it!!!", but I've wasted to much time already to even get half way through.

So what am I gonna write about in this last blog for English?
I have no idea so I'm gonna tell you about a quick drawing lesson I learnt in form today.

Pretty much what happened was that Vivian got a scrap piece of paper (actually it was Kens' overdue book reminder but who listens to those) and in less than fifteen seconds had drawn a perfect looking eye. I was amazed, if only Ken had gotten an overdue book reminder earlier.

Thanks Vivian, for a 15-second lesson and for giving me something to blog about!

Vivian's 15 second eye drawing!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Time

Hey,...ahh havent had time to start the comic scene yet because of art assignment, But I should have it started and hopefully finished by tomorrow. I’m thinking that I might actually go with the fight scenes from FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST- where Edward vs Number 48 (a soul in armor) (see below) which is an epic battle as Edward has to defeat Number 48 twice (no one said there could only be one soul for one suit of armor....they were brothers)

Come on I just need about twenty or so words for this blog to count. There exactly one hundred words now!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What to do

For my last blog I'm wanting to try and re-draw a scene from one of my favorite manga series. I realize this will take a few days so I will be posting on my journey (if you can call it that).

I'm thinking of maybe doing the scene from TRIGUN MAXIMUM, with Vash and Wolfwood on a motorbike (see below) as it is simple and I just love that part. But I might go with one of the fight scenes from FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST- where Edward vs Number 48 (a soul in armor) which is an epic battle as Edward has to defeat Number 48 twice (no one said there could only be one soul for one suit of armor....they were brothers), or the fight scene from BLACK CAT-where Train vs Mr Won, which is fairly long.

Granted that my drawings wont look anything like the scenes, I might use the software Comic Life on my computer to make it look a bit neater. Ow and I should point out that in keeping the original Japanese format your meant to read it from right to left starting in the upper-right corner.

Scene from TRIGU MAXIMUM #2

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Manga Character Are You

I was just surfing the Internet when I came across a very interesting website and I thought I might share it with you.
The link is from the Quiz Farm and after you answer 18 questions it will tell you which manga character you are.

I Scored as Jing from Jing: King of Bandits
It was a tie so I had to answer another question.

Rest of Scores
Naruto ----------------------83%
Yoh Asakura---------------67%
Renton ----------------------50%
Monkey D. Luffy ----------17%
Sasuke ----------------------17%

I didn’t know who that was so I Googled him. He’s this guy.

See what Manga Character you get

Here it is as promised

OK as promised, here it is, a full body full colour picture.

I know I didn’t have this up by Friday but after the sports carnival I was exhausted. So I didn’t do anything yesterday either because I was too lazy.

-So you start with a loose stick figure for foundation, remember all those stick people you used to draw in school? This is when you realize how useful they are.
-Next you have to start to flesh out your illustration

-Then start tightening up your art by grabbing an eraser and rubbing away the fine sketchy lines and any unwanted lines. Make sure your picture is clean before you go on.

-Start adding the details.

-Correct any mistakes made in the building process and add colour.

Below are the final pieces

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What got me reading manga

As I haven't been able to finish a drawing yet I'm gonna tell you how I started reading manga/anime books.

I first started reading manga comics when I was in my local library and I came across the first book of the Trigun series and I thought what the heck, why not. At first I thought it was quite confusing but as I read more of it, it all came together and i loved it. The next day I went back to the library and got the next five books. After I had read the complete series I moved onto the series of Black Cat. This was harder to find and I've only been only able to find the first and fourth book. I also want to start reading the Bleach series but cannot find any of the books.

I should be able to have a picture up by Friday and this time it will be a full body drawing in colour (hopefully).